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Thread: Tips for making Windows 2000/XP box tight

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    Tips for making Windows 2000/XP box tight

    Hi everyone,

    I am writing this tutorial about making your Windows 2000/XP box tight.
    Hope it will be useful so here it goes

    1. Make a normal user account for programming,surfing most viruses won't be able to infect
    unless you are a normal user.(i know guest account is better :-)).

    2. The administrator account should be used for maintainence only frequenltly do the
    (a) Disk defragmentation.
    (b) Registry cleanup(be careful use a software like RegCleaner)
    (c) Uneccessary files deletion,like those temporary internet files,*.tmp etc
    I recommend system mechanic for all of the above, from www.iolo.com.

    3. Disable uneccessary services from ControlPanel---->Administrative Tools----->Services
    or simply type services.msc in the run box. A few examples
    (a) Server service
    (b) Remote Registry
    (d) etc...BUT BE VERY CAREFUL

    4. Open network connections, under TCP/IP advanced properties disable netbios over TCP
    (you migth have to do searching a little)

    5. Under Windows XP enable Inter Connection Firewall from Nework Connections or Use a
    firewall like Zone alarm.

    6. Use a good antivirus, update pattern files frequently.

    I feel this tutorial is a bit lame but still a trier :-)

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    Please read this tut

    Then read this tut here

    Then when you have something to add. Please feel free to do so.

    I could dump out a can of alphabeta soup stir it up with a fork on the counter and come up with something longer, and maybe even more informative.
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    The epitome of brevity, if I do say so myself.
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    warl0ck7 not like my opinion really matters but the word tutorial defines itself as a teaching mechanism. If you came upa tu with torial and you decided it was lame why did you post it?

    I am just wondering, cause I figure a tutorial should be something you spend some time on and when you get it almost perfect but complete then you post for others to use and learn.

    I certainly don't believe that an incomplete tutorial should be posted and to me this tutorial is incomplete.

    If my way of thinking is wrong folks let me know but this tutorial is really lame to me.

    - The mind is too beautiful to waste...

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    Yeah, you should spend some time on writing a tutorial. I wrote one too a while ago, but when I considered it to short/bit lame I didn't post it. Don't be in such a hurry in posting tutorials, you have only 24 post and already 3 tutorials. Not that it's bad to post many tutorials but they have to be of a decent quality. But who am I to blame on you, after all I'm also still an antionline newbie.
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