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Thread: WinXP Logo Change at Startup

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    WinXP Logo Change at Startup

    Hey, u all know how u can change the startup for Win98 by editing the logo.sys? Is there a way to edit the WinXP's logo when it starts up and it has the lil blue status line going accross? Answers would be much appreciated!

    nevermind just my luck i found it right after i posted it...anyways if any of u guys wanted to ever know or think it'd be cool to do here's a link to do it.


    Sorry 'bout the lame thread...hope the links useful

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    Heres a couple links link to a prgram that will help you do that.



    Changing the logon screen involves a file called ntoskrnl.exe.
    Be careful playing around with this file as I messed up my whole computer once and had to reinstall.

    Good Luck

    [edit] Well now I dont' guess you needed my links check them out though. they might have some more stuff on them.[/edit]

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    Here is a little program I have been using for quite a while now.

    Xteq X-Setup

    It doesn't only allow you to change your startup and shutdown screens but allows you access to a lot of other things in windows that you wouldn't normally have access to and it works with all released windows.

    It's a nice little program to have and there are always new plug-ins coming out and you can also create your own plug-ins.

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    Personally I just don't take the time to make my own. I surf around on ThemeXP.org and download them. There are a ton of places to find bootup screens for XP.

    Another place where you can really mod your windows out is WinCustomize.com, and there is always google (that's how I find other places when I'm looking for something specific).

    Just a thought...
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