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Thread: Attacks planned for Sunday

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    I heard about this a while ago i thought it was all bullshit some one posted it on zone-h ages ago and i think the website is being packeted if i find the link on zone-h i will post it hear
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    Funny Thing.... is down......
    and I already have access to about 100 gigs of
    net access space... What would 500 megs do for me (grin!)
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    Personally I think it is more for site publicity rather than a real threat. This kind of stuff goes on all the time and from personal experience, if a *real* hacker group had a challenge going on, you'd never ever hear about it.
    I dont think it is as much a "hacker group" as an open challenge to anyone inclined to deface a webpage.

    (BTW, is anyone else having trouble getting to DjM's link to ?)

    **edit: highland beat me to it by less than a minute! Look at the timestamp.
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    It made /. and many other big sites so that is probably why its down.
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    Below is an excerpt from our #noc IRC room. It shows just how lazy system admins can be. Also I think that this could go deeper than just a contest. I mean, this kinda organization, 6000 in 6. Thats like an army...or a great script... The potential threat that lays ahead, if this goes through like planned, is that next time it might not be petty defacing. Alot of power lying there... kinda makes me nervous when I hear my Senior Networking Advisor, tell me the stuff he says below.

    [21:20] <NOC-Adam> what the hell was that?!
    [21:20] <brad-> well I know what it was, I don't know 'why' it was
    [21:20] <brad-> you know how to catch them now?
    [21:21] <brad-> http://**.***.***.**:83/home.***?fun...=***.***.41.29
    [21:21] <brad-> that's the 'attack'
    [21:21] <brad-> what you want to do is core cap on the port carrying the most attack traffic
    [21:22] <brad-> in this case jun4
    [21:22] <brad-> you have to time your cap based on getif
    [21:22] <brad-> then run source cap
    [21:25] <brad-> well if this happens while I'm arround let me know right away
    [21:25] <NOC-Adam> kool
    [21:25] <NOC-Adam> i thought it was someone probing us or something
    [21:25] <brad-> but don't sit there and not cap a juniper if something is going down
    [21:25] <brad-> it's possible that they were
    [21:26] <brad-> 'testing our defenses' if you will
    [21:26] <NOC-Adam> yeah
    [21:26] <NOC-Adam> listen
    [21:26] <NOC-Adam> i read an artical today
    [21:26] <brad-> yeah sunday
    [21:26] <brad-> read it
    [21:26] <NOC-Adam> dude, i mean im pretty sure we should be concerned about that
    [21:27] <brad-> hehe quit being a wuss
    [21:27] <NOC-Adam> We have over 15,000 dedicated webservers in Colo!
    [21:27] <brad-> they aren't talking about DoS, it's a contest to deface websites
    [21:27] <NOC-Adam> and your saying our main websites are totally patched up?
    21:27] <brad-> ...uhmm sure...
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    google's news led me to this..

    "Researchers dismiss attack warning as hype"

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    One day after news broke about an online contest for malicious hackers, the Web site set up for the contest is offline and security experts are casting doubt on the severity of the threat that the contest poses.
    Full story :

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    I heard about this yesterday. And I was'nt sure if it was going to effect me or not. So I was going to shut my computer on Sunday. But thanx to AO I know know that it should'nt harm my computer. "Thanx AO"...But w/e

    Next u guyz here about stuff like this start a new thread maby we could help...

    Thanx ......B-wOLF
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    The fact that they "announced", leaves me hysterical. I will have to remember their tactics the next time I make a cash withdrawl from my bank (with a gun, perhaps a banana in my overcoat) to phone ahead and let them know they need to have the money well organized, to save them some time before being locked in the vault.

    Now that my rant is over, the fact is anyone who announces to the world that they are a "haxxor"................................................................................................ No further ranting necessary.

    I wonder if the supposed hosts of this event will provide legal council for the "Winners".


    By the way if any of you live in Atlanta I am owner of a restaurant here. Feel free to come in. At least check out my menu.


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    Want to watch?

    Browse over to The Internet Traffic Report and watch the fun from the comfort of home. This concerted "attack" should have some affect on traffic, although how much it has is anyone's guess.
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