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Thread: need help to upgrade !

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    need help to upgrade !

    I've been using Debian (woody)for a year or so, but I've never try to upgrade the whole system to the latest software, besides occasionall install of a new program. Basically... what I want to do is to upgrade the main components of the system. (newest stable kernel, modules, new sound drivers/ newest KDE and Gnome) I also want to install proprietary NVidia drivers instead of 'nv' driver.) The main reason I want to do this by uprading as opposed to fresh install is because I want to take my knowledge step further & learn about all the diferent components of Linux. Can anyone point me to a good HOW-TO text or give me some pointers. I don't even know what is the order I need to upgrade the components in.

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    Umm.... Would this help?

    Possibly this too ?
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