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Thread: Installation prob

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    Installation prob

    Ok friend at work is looking to upgrade his operating system from 95 to 98 on his laptop but has one serious prob the lappie has no cd-rom drive >_<

    having been raking my brians for a way he could do this without purchasing an external cd-rom drive for his laptop - i do not have the facilities to insert his laptop HD into another machine and do it that way.....

    is there any way of doing this? I had thought about copying contents of cd from my comp to his lappie over network and using daemon tools to create a fake drive and do ti that way but that would mean booting into windows for daemon tools to start up and as (i think) you got to boot from the cd in order to do the instal this wouldn't work....well i dont think it would

    anyone think of a way round it?


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    not what i ws looking for am afraid but thanks anyway
    prob is not that i dont have a cd - i got that
    he just doesn't have a cd-rom drive!


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    I am not sure if it will work and if you have this kind of setup but here goes nothing (I have not played with Windows 98 in a while ).
    Copy the installation files to a shared network drive on your computer.
    Next use the 'net use' command on the laptop to actually use this shared drive and start the setup from that point.
    Hmm you got me curious so I decided to search some on it.
    Taken from:
    You can also automate Setup when both the Windows 98 files and the batch file are located on a server that can be accessed by the local computer.

    To do so, start the computer running the existing network client software. Connect to the server or drive that contains the Windows 98 source files. Note that the network administrator can include this step in the logon script to avoid user action.

    At a command prompt, run Windows 98 Setup by specifying the batch file that contains the Setup script. Use the following syntax \\server_name\windows\setup.exe batch.inf where server_name is the name of the server, windows is the folder that contains the Windows 98 files, and batch.inf is the name of your Setup batch file.
    NOTE: If Windows 98 is installed from a server, the location of the source folder is stored in the registry. When you add a device or require additional support files to run Windows 98, Setup automatically attempts to retrieve the files from the same location on the server. This eliminates the need to maintain a permanent network connection on the computer and makes it easier to modify the configuration of a computer in a networked environment.
    note that the article discusses automated setups but I am pretty sure you can do it manually.
    To avoid future (updating) stuff you could use the /makelocalsource parameter (again I am not sure Windows 98 has this)
    I hope this can be of any help.
    Good luck.


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