Computer Security 101 - Lesson 5 Quiz
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Thread: Computer Security 101 - Lesson 5 Quiz

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    Computer Security 101 - Lesson 5 Quiz

    Rather than dragging up all of the old Computer Security 101 Tutorial threads I thought I would just create a new thread to let everyone know that the quiz for the lesson is now available.

    Here is a link to the tutorial thread: Computer Security 101 - Lesson 5

    Here is a link to the quiz for this lesson: Computer Security 101 - Lesson 5 Quiz

    Have fun!

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    Doh! I actually forgot who invented HTML, but just for a second. My mind went totally blank. Nice lil' tut, BTW. I'm going to have my boys read it and take the test. Can't start too young these days.

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    Yeah tonybradley writes great little tuts, very helpful and the quiz are A GREAT idea!! Thankyou Tony keep them coming .

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