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Thread: Fun little site for noobs to play around with.

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    level 5 tip

    Tip for level 5... using telnet helps.

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    yeah, we should work together, or have somebody get all of the levels, and make a small tutorial for each of the levels to "fall back on if the user needs help." Obviously this tutorial won't be like:

    level 1's password is insanitypepper..., I mean. *sigh*, goddamnit.

    [P.S. - But you guys know what I mean, we should try to do this for most "hackme" sites like these. And post them up on somebody's website, or even on AO if jupmedia allows.]
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    |THE|Specialist , I did what you said , and i tried to view the source of what I did before , and im not getting any more info. Im not gonna give up , but I guess ill keep folling around with it..
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    level 4

    i'm on level 4
    how do i get it to e-mail me the password to me with out createing a hole new web page?

    heres a hint for level 4 if you want it, you must complete the form. After /index.php place a question mark to begin the form.
    i've looked up ? and i cant figure out how to complete the form
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    whats the clue for level 3?
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    Hey I know u all are going to laugh at this..But I cant get passed the second

    A little help would be nice...
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    Level 2

    You don't have to type anything in just sumit it blank and it will get you to level 3.

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    I love games like this, but I'm not very good at them at all. I can't get past level 4. I would be all in favor of a tutorial for sites like this, and's version, and all the rest.

    I'd be willing to contribute, but again, I'm not that good.

    Back to the games . . .
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    Man I really suck at this....It like supper confusing to me....Well I know everyone here is like...."Hey look at BLUEWOLF he is so stupid he cant even figure this out"....But its not my fault im not supper smart...I cant even get past level two(which by he way really sucks)....I think making a tut. would be like a super idea to help idoits like me...I guess I wont give up..But I am going to have to read alot to get better...

    Untill next time............B_wOLF
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    I'm on level 5 doing a little bit of figuring out on this, it's kinda creepy. I love php though, so I'ma be up for awhile doing this. Btw, Thank you for giving us the link to the site!
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