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Thread: Washington D.C.

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    Question Washington D.C.

    I recently convinced my work to send me to SANS Fire in D.C. later this month and noticed that some of our members are currently living there.

    I was wondering if anyone could give me suggestions on what I should check out while I'm there (with what little time I'll have available)? Any restraunts I should hit? Good place to get a beer? Places to avoid completely? Cool stuff to do/see?
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    To this is right up my alley. Ok if you like the quite serene area I say go to George Town a lot of good food there expensive but, good. First rule everything here is expensive. Next I recommend that you go to the Mall. No I don't mean Sears. LOL. I mean the area around the Washington Monument the Smithsonian and the Lincoln Memorial. Just for a way to make this easier go tothe Metro and catch the red line to the Smithsonian and that will get you to the mall. Anywhere you want to go you can get there by a train/Metro. Hope it helps.\

    If you need anything else.

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