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    Hacking/uncapping cable modems

    ok that is an increadibly close minded way to think. I have deleted this post because im not going to make anyone else mad about it and get myself banned but THINK about this just because something is ILLEGAL means you dont want anyone to know about it??? What about P2P millions of people know about P2P file sharing and look what became of it.... I dont think anyone that knows about P2P would want it to be abolished except metallica and the RIAAam i right?? free music free movies free software... Well that had to start somewhere, with one person that spread the word and installed total anarchy that is going to be impossible for the RIAA to stop no matter how hard they try. Its like trying to enforce going 1 mph over the speed limit as being punishable. It just doesnt work that way. So what im trying to say is if youre going to have an attitude like saying every malicious practice is negative and there is no way to learn from it, exactly how are we going to advance as a society? I put a warning on this post for a reason and said it was for learning purposes only. Its not my fault if someone does try it and gets caught right???? That would be like telling someone you can kill a person by shooting them in the head, then the person you told goes a shoots someone in the head and you get thrown in jail for informing that person that you can kill someone with a gunshot to the head.

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    Nice try but there is no real way to justify uncapping your Internet connection at all... even if it's only for education purposes or what not. Though I would be interested in listening to your side if you would like to post WHY you think there is a reason.

    I'm not going to neg you for it, but figure I'll let you and all the rest of the people know incase anyone is wondering....

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    This is antionline not thesessions web site. If you don’t like the way thinks are done here than beat it.

    File sharing in the hands of idiots like you...advocating everyone do it, sucks. This battle cry of the spoiled brat has given the federal government another reason to regulate the internet and has made life a little less nice for everyone. Now you want to have stricter laws, fines maybe even jail time imposed, because kids who otherwise wouldn't even think about doing it or couldn’t find out for themselves how to, will be hogging even more bandwidth because you have some evangelistic anarchistic defect in your brain. Your one of those that cant keep their mouth shut about anything and ruin things for everyone else just to make yourself look elite...your not

    This is a legitimate site owned by a legitimate business. What your professing is illegal and frowned upon here.
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    Who cares about your pointless rhetoric. Ya want digital anarchy, go elsewhere and shut the hell up.

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