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    Telnet problems.

    Im having problems using telnet with XP every time i use it, it opens for a split second, then closes. I was thinking maybe its my firewall? Also can someone post some links to telnet tutorials?

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    Maybe the system you are trying to connect to is rejecting the connection , and isn't listening on the port you specified. Try telnetting to a system in which you know the port is up and listening. But if all else fails , download putty..
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    A quick question: How are you opening telnet? If you are going run->telnet, or double clicking the icon in c:/windows/system and it is closing right away, you could try opening a dos shell, and from there typing "telnet" to open it. That way, even if the program shuts down, the window will remain open, and it may be possible to glean more information like an error message or something.
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    i have got problems as well we i try to telnet to port 80 nothing happens then if i press enter the connection gets lost but the window stays open and you can see what should of been on the screen but scince you lost your connection you can not do anything....help plz

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    secession, make sure you run telnet from a command prompt or append the adress and port in the run dialog box like "telnet 80"

    crashburn,the HTTP server is waiting for an HTTP request. Both of you should see previous post here

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    I to am running WindowsXP and I have the same problem when designing C++ programs in DOS. Does anybody here know why XP does this? Because it is really annoying, you always have to open everything from the command prompt.

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