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Thread: computer migrane.......BACKDOOR.Sdbot

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    computer migrane.......BACKDOOR.Sdbot

    help needed.........as previous posts indicate i am having trouble ridding my computer of this headache. i followed the removal proceesses .... downloaded latest virus def. re-started in safe mode...attemted to stop trojan procces in system config.utility but file cnfgldr.exe was not present to end process. could svchost.exe be the file i should be ending process with??????????????? all help greatly appreciated..........

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    could svchost.exe be the file i should be ending process with?
    No this is a system process, so this aint the one.

    Why dont you go ahead and either reinstall your OS or install a flavour of *nix, you'd be better of then.

    Just backup your stuff and you dont have alot to lose!

    If you want information on what flavour of *nix to use just search these forums because this has been discussed lots of times before and do the same if you need help reinstalling windows.

    One thing too, you've started alot of new threads regarding this issue, so in the future if the question is regarding the same issue start a new thread and then keep replying to the same thread.


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