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Thread: Hacker Guru Needed

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    Hacker Guru Needed

    Hi guys,

    Can anyone teach me how to deface website...and to crack login password FTP please..
    I just start learning hacking..so please explain to me step by step.

    Thanks alot for your help

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    Nothing like a good old laugh in the morn'.........ah.

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    This is so funny, another lamer/kiddie. Can't you read? The first page you came to before you became a member of antionline.
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    Dude this is really funny....Even I know not to ask something like that and I am new to hacking aswell.
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    lol i think people should read more the context of the web
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    For a start no one here will even tell you a good paper to read on the subject (if there is even any). To be honest i used to deface but i have stopped now hell i have even stopped hacking in general why ? because the buzz fades very fast and it is risky you could get god knows how many years for defacing and what have you done wrong in my eyes nothing as long as you arent destructive i dont see the problem but thats not the way the law works my friend even a simple port scan could land you in deep ****. So my advice to you is to think about what your asking and how far your willing to go ever seen the matrix remember when morpehous said the rabbit hole gets deeper well it does you would start by doing simple run of the mill defacements then that wont be enough for your adrenalin hit then you would probably look in to lan jacking for all the juicy corporations 'secrative' **** that the keep on there lans. You should learn to code its wort while and rewarding get the idea of defacing out of your head it will eventually land you in trouble *sorry for the spelling i have just woke up and my eyes arent fully open*
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    I think we should go easy on him this time, I know the seniors could easily get him banned in 5 minutes, but please be gentle... he's clearly just a misguided kiddie


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    Re: Hacker Guru Needed

    Originally posted here by crackernut
    Can anyone teach me how to deface website...
    A very uncharitable lot here at AO

    Step 1) Select website you wish to deface
    Step 2) E-mail Webmaster or other contact in organisation with appropriate details, name, address etc --- Dont forget to give realistic and logical reasons for attack, and expected outcome, as most Webmasters appreciate this , and are then more helpful and may even assist you
    Step 3) This is the easy part----just wait, and all you'r dream's will come true
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    Come on guy's we should give him a chance...

    Well we have the usual advice of First Search Google
    Now that said you may need these special sites..
    For 31337 h4><0r5
    And a favor for asking on this site My Favourite

    OK Enjoy
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    Wow... That's an easy one!

    1- Fire internet explorer and go to the site you want to deface.
    2- On the main page clic (on the iexplore menu bar) view/source.
    3- You have all the source of the web page right in front of you. Just change it and save

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