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    a must read

    i never could have thought that my life would ever be effected by a death of an innocent child but i was wrong. my wife has a previous marriage with a man in Ny and her two kids were with him and her daughter drowned last week. i cant write anymore so i will post the link.


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    I'm so sorry to here about your lose. My prayers are with you.
    I had to google 'jfgi' to see what it meant. The irony is overwhelming.

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    Please accept my deepest condolences. I don't what I would do if any of my kids were taken from me....
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    Am very very very sorry c0re, I wish i can help. Just remember there in a better place, your maybe not able to see them, but you can feel them, hear them. Sorry again.

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    It deeply saddens me to hear of this, my prayers and wishes go out to all the family members.

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    wow man i dont know what to say other than i am very sorry to hear about this. Like dudez said there is a better place an i am sure that she is there. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

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    I'm sitting here and I've read the link and I cried. I'm not sure of what to say, or how to say it. Certain things just wouldn't be right. I'm so sorry, if I ever had to endure that, I'm not sure I'd have the strength to survive. I tend to be emotional and have a hard time expressing what I wish to say. However your story tugged at my heart strings and inspired this. It's not much but accept it as my condolences.

    Life seems so fleeting,
    You're here and then gone.
    But memories will last,
    And love will live on.
    A pain in your heart,
    That I can't feel.
    I couldn't do it,
    With it, I couldn't deal.
    My prayers are with you,
    What can I say,
    I'd take her place,
    If I had my way.
    To lose a life,
    so young and so pure.
    You have to question,
    If God's still here.
    Be strong my friend,
    Have faith in love.
    Your little girl has gone,
    But she'll live on above.
    Have strength of the heart,
    And the strength of mine.
    I wish I could say,
    Everything will be fine.
    I can't imagine your thoughts.
    Or the pain that you feel.
    Take this as my prayer,
    That your heart will soon heal.
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    thank you all

    thank you all for the thoughts. they are very helpfull. we are just going by one day at a time as it should be. i wrote something i hope writing can help because i havent talked in about 5 days.
    ~Pricilla Julia Garcia~
    We know you are weary little one,
    rest your head on our shoulder,
    you fought the good fight,
    your little heart wasnt strong enough,
    We would gladly take your place little one,
    The lord saw it fit to hold you in his arms,
    we will never be the same without you,
    never again will we see your beutiful smile,
    never will you have the chance to grow old,
    you were just starting to live.
    how do we stop the pain,
    the answer is never.
    never will our pain cease
    for we have lost a part of all of us
    never will it be ok.
    never will we forget how you affected us
    always making others smile.
    always making others laugh.
    all you had to say was ~ baby baby baby~
    you have given us a lifetime of happiness.
    you are in pain no more little one
    but the pain of you not here is worse then a thousand deaths.
    we must wait to see you again.
    then we will be united in the house of the lord.
    you will never be forgotten,
    rest in peace little one and know that you are loved by many.
    God Bless you Pricilla Julia Garcia.

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