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    Lightbulb peoplepc

    about a week ago peoplecp sent me a cd for a free month of service to try.
    i wasnt intrested but i usely explore the cd's any way to see if theres any thing good on them
    this one didnt have any extras but it did have one intresting thing when you set it up it calls a
    800 # downloads the program the disconects then it runs it's auto dialer program and starts to setup by loging on to the local ISP and then it just waits for you to tell it what to do " new member or old member setup"
    i just minamize the window and open my web browser and use the net like normal and every thing works fine.

    so heres my ?
    will they notice me doing this or stop me after a month even though i've never given them any info or trace it back to my IP and charge me or nothing?
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    Ok, first off i just woke up, but lets try this anyways.

    I would assume they would notice you because your still dialing in, and or using there network/services. The fact that it is so simple that even grandma and grandpa could work it, So they probibly keep somewhat of a watchfull eye on things. You probibly dont have an account/login conventionaly, but your assigned IP is probibly still there in the logs. Hope thats somewhat correct and/or usefull.
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