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Thread: Keylogger need no installation.

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    Post Keylogger need no installation.

    hi everybody,

    can anyone tell me where can i get a good keylogger for windows 2k that doesn`t need installation at all and can work from user priviledges.

    the w2k workstations r on lan with w2k server.

    i have checked a few keyloggers but either they r dos based or need to be installed.

    thanx to all.

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    Dude, you have to be kidding me.


    Read the damn FAQ!!!
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    Any application needs to be 'installed' especially if it is a key logger. Even though you might not have to go through a process that says, "where do you wish to install. . .", it still needs to be "installed". Otherwise, your keylogger would only be ran that one time that it was executed, and never come back again, it would have to add a registry entry, or some value to a .ini file in windows.

    And as for someone here 'givinig' you a key logger to use on someone, it won't happen. Especially, since you are asking for an automated key logger, that the user won't notice. Now, if there is some trace of a legitimate action behind this, which I doubt, then I stand corrected, but until that legitimate need is posted in this thread, I am not going to help you with this, and neither will anyone here.

    Make sure you read the FAQ before you post.

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    This is for a good purpose I hope.

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    Please, for the sake of everyone here, read the FAQ, and the rules. It really gets to me when I see questions like, "How do I hack", or "Where can I get a good keylogger". And so on...

    A simple check on Google will bring forth the awnser to all your tedious questions.
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    pls u people don`t bog over me like this,

    its realy not for illegal purpose....let me tell u why need this keylogger...

    i share a system in my college lab with other students, we don`t have separate logins allotted instead we all work in same user login.

    i feel someone is sneaking into my directory in my absence and trying to do some destructive activites with my data/files. i tried to contact admin but of no use he`s not that efficient and uncooperative too.

    so, i request u people to help me who is this... as i`m working on a research dissertation, with lot of hard work going in preparation.

    i don`t have admin priviledges and any program that need installation doesn`t gets installed. i have reasonable exposure to computers and can very well understand the OS.

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    If thats the reason, you should check the specs of brfusion's link (http://www.thinkgeek.com/gadgets/electronic/5a05/). From what it looks like, it's data port is indistinguishable from the keyboard, and they claim there is no software. On the otherhand, if the computer is in a public lab that is shared with others, I really dont see anyone leaving neat-o hardware like this hooked up when they left.

    On second thought, perhaps a better route would be to encrypt the files on the disk, or save them to a removable storage device (cd, zip, whatever is there)

    Just a note, people here tend to judge people asking for potentially dangerous information harshly, especially if it's their first post! If you included more info on why you wanted help, I'm sure most people would be more understanding
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    Originally posted here by AlcatraX
    pls u people don`t bog over me like this,

    its realy not for illegal purpose....let me tell u why need this keylogger...

    You're asking us not to give you a hard time? Oh, of course not. You're merely asking the members of this site -- a site targetting security conscious individuals -- for a piece of hardware/software that is deceptive in its very nature. Why ever would we be concerned about that?

    Look, I'm sure there are volumes of sites out there that would gladly give you this information, but please don't make this one of them. And don't give me some hackneyed excuse that begins with "It's really not for an illegal purpose...". You could be telling the truth, and I still wouldn't believe you. Why should I? You are virtually unknown here. You have 2 posts to your name, and you registered this month. By the way, social engineering is an art we try to educate folks about here so that they know how to recognize it. Either with or without knowing it you've demonstrated one of the most effective ways of manipulating people -- act as if your mark is deliberately giving you a hard time. In this case, we should be giving you a hard time. Keyloggers serve no other purpose but to snatch passwords and other sensitive information without the user knowing it. As far as I'm concerned only law enforcement personnel should be using that technology, and only for court-sanctioned surveillence. If you're really worried about your files on this "shared terminal", why are you keeping your files there? Go get a floppy disk, or a microdrive and just keep your files with you. No need to store anything on the harddrive. Instead of turning your situation into a confrontational one, just avoid it completely.
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    u people for the valuable for the valuable suggestions u`ve given to me,

    i`ll try to get a micro/thumb drive that attaches to USB port and take regular backup of my data on it.
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    assume = ass out of u and me

    Maybe instead of negging him you should have checked out his previous post and then considered really based on this if this is clearly a unmoral activity. If not, then ask why first. All of you are so quick to neg. Its really sad because you scare honest individuals into not posting for fear of being negged to the point of banning.



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