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Thread: Overclocking Pentium 4 Northwood 2.66 ghz

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    Overclocking Pentium 4 Northwood 2.66 ghz

    I built myself a great liquid cooled computer a few months back - all the bells and whistles (at least at that time) with the above processor and an MSI motherboard supporting 533 FSB speeds to go with the processor. My quesiton is, my buddy tells me that overclocking these processors is impossible - that they are locked, but articles I've read on the internet say that only one aspect is locked and you can increase others -

    Does anyone have a how to guide or brief description of how to overlcock these - or a definitive answer as to how it can be done if at all.

    The motherboard came with this fuzzy logic program, increasing values in it just locks the computer up and I have to reboot, so I'm assuming it either can't be done - or it has to be done in the bios.

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    Head over to www.overclockers.com for starters....if that doesn't do it for ya, go google-ing.
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    Pentium 4 processors are standard multiplier locked, but you can up the FSB, this is not locked and most (quality) motherboards allow you to up the FSB by 5 or 1 Mhz increases.

    You can up the voltage by 5 or 10 mhz till your box becomes unstable. Than go back to a lower fsb till it's completly stable.

    The ability to succesfull overclock depends highly on the core of your cpu. Some production weeks are better than others, check at overclockers.

    In the BIOS:
    CPU ratio (multiplier):locked
    FSB: xxx Mhz <------ change this one

    To stabilize you can up core voltages, risky (you can blow some mosfets or condensators) but necessary at high oc'ing.


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    I would stick to increasing to FSB speed or changing other settings if possible, as Victorkaum said increasing core voltages is risky. I succesfully overclocked my 366MHZ celeron to 458MHZ without any additional cooling using a MS-6159 mobo.
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    oh kool kool i going to look on to in later on its late and i have work. but keep thoes tips comeing!

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