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    Sorry, it was dfusion who cited SFU, and don't call me a dumb kid, Bill Gates' ****-sucking whore.
    I didn't call you a dumb kid, kindly read more carefully and there is no excuse for the language, it too makes you look like a dumb kid. Considering that you've had to resort to name calling and profanity I gather the conversation is over.


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    Are we back to another Windows v Linux chat? As far as security whatever you think does the best job and you can actually use is the best option for you. If you`ve used Windows for 10 years then suddenely deciding to switch to Linux as its the "hackers choice" is a rather stupid thing to do as for the next XXX months you are going to be learning the new OS.

    Yes Linux is more tweakable then Windows but that doesn`t mean that Windows is no good for some security work. Most commercial Vulnerability scanners operate on it (i.e. retina, foundscan, ISS) so if you want to use those then you need to be on Windows. If you want a firewall then sure, stay away from Windows, all depends what you are doing.

    It seems we are forever having the debate on what OS is better, there is no right answer other then whatever you decide is best for you, just the same as if you were asking "whats the best car for me" etc....
    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes

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    I was referring to people who use Windows as their personal desktop, not for server functions. Maybe I wasn't clear. I have a huge amount of Windows based tools for hacking, phreaking, cracking, and not that I malisciously use them, but it seems so many hackers will only use Linux as their desktop.

    This discussion was never intended for servers.

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