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Thread: E-Gold security

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    E-Gold security

    I am a newbee in this forum and might be posting in the wrong place. If so I am sorry

    I have an e-gold account and have been reading lots of horror-stories where people has had their account hacked and funds stolen.
    Any hints and tips as to how I can secure my account in the best possible way?
    I change my password regularly and never post my accound id in public places, but still I would like to know if there are any other precautions I should consider.


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    Don't follow links from emails claiming to be from e-gold....
    Always use your own link...
    Never give out your login name and passwords.. Never, never never...

    Most of the hacked accounts have been due to ppl getting the login and pass via a email/fake site scam....
    only other thoughts I can give.. is be very careful when using public access computers.. never store the password on you computer.. empty your internet cache and delete cookies after visiting these sites..
    how parnoid do you want to be.. I'm sure others can come up with better..

    "Consumer technology now exceeds the average persons ability to comprehend how to use it..give up hope of them being able to understand how it works." - Me http://www.cybercrypt.co.nr

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    e-gold will NEVER ask for your account id or password. It will NEVER ask you to reply with it in an e-mail. It will NEVER ask you to type it in on 'their' web site. It will NEVER call you and ask for it. It will NEVER mail you and ask you to reply to them with it. Besides that, just be careful where you do use it. Don't use it at www.backyardgaragesale.com, try to only stick to bigger businesses that are more trustworthy, make sure you always get a receipt, and always make sure you have somebody to e-mail, or a number to call if a problem does arrise. Mostly just common sense, you wouldn't buy a plasma tv from a guy with a shopping cart on the side of a road, so don't do it on the internet . Just common sense, be smart.

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