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Thread: kolotoc??????

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    somebody please help me figure this one out. I was scanning my mother in laws comp today and found a virus called kolotoc but cant seem to find ANY information about it. I found out how to get rid of it but nothing about what it does or anyhting like that. Any info would be apreciated. I tried googling for it and searched the forums but nothing helpfull anywhere.

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    Unfortunately, the various AV vendors have a bad tendency to call the same virus/worm/trojan utterly different things, which can lead to alot of confusion. I did check Symantec and McAfee and they didn't have anything listed...which AV vendor are you using? You should be able to check with them to see what it is...

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    i m gone,thx everyone for so much fun and good info.
    cheers and good bye

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