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Thread: best plan help (languages)

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    best plan help (languages)

    i need help on choosing what best languages i should learn over the summer to help development my gaming site. I so far am intermediate in html, learned flash 4, will be learning C++ over the summer threw a 2 week camp course, and plan to grasp the details of maya 5, (not all are web development based, but this is y i am asking for help).
    what sorta web based languages should i learn:
    php, asp, xtml, javascript, java?

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    I guess my question would be, what are you planning to do development-wise with your gaming site?

    From most of the ones that I visit, they usually have some sort of database driven language and forums. PHP and ASP are especially good for that and depend on the kind of hosting you have or the hosting you are going to get. Both are great languages, PHP being an open source language.

    Javascript is good, but most people disable the common annoyances coded with it, but it's not a bad thing to learn at first and there are a lot of cool things you can do with it.

    Mastering CSS is something that you should do as far as design is concerned. Getting good at it not only makes it easier to control the look and feel of your site, but also when it comes to updating and changing templates, it's a breeze.

    Really, I suppose it's preference. When I started out around 14 (I'm 21 now), I started with HTML with JavaScript. That sufficed well for the sites I was doing then. Standards have changed so much since then, so it was a constant learning process. I moved into CSS and PHP. I have a fairly good understanding of Java enough to customize scripts that I have, but I don't really write it myself, since I have no huge use for it, but I'll probably learn it the future when my site load is down. dHTML kinda came along with learning HTML, XML wasn't something I needed to learn, as I had no use for it really either, but I picked it up along the way and you'll probably use it as well if using some kind of forum system or blogging tool.

    Really though, it's what you plan on doing that will decide for you. You can't be good at everything so get good a some things and touch upon the rest and learn as you go along.

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