My file- cleaning program showed one of the files in the DRMv folder as bad. i could open some of the files in notepad but didn't completely understand what they meant. A search brought up the following definition:

StreamAccess: This system - created using the AccessBase Digital Rights Management for Video (DRMV) platform - enables secure distribution of streaming video over the Internet. It enables on-the-fly encryption and decryption of content streams, allowing live events and large video files to be securely streamed to consumers. The encryption enables efficient broadcast over IP while ensuring that only authorized users can view the content. The basic operation associates a user or group with rights to content through standards-based encryption occurring at the media server, authentication of the user, and key creation and distribution. AccessBase performs all of the key generation and management functions according to the business rules set by the content distributor. Price: Not available. (Beaverton, OR; 503-466-8474;

I know the quote says "secure" and "encryption" but do i really need these files? I don't remember seeing this folder before; it's a subfolder in users group. I have java and activex disabled because of the the threat they pose. How about this "streaming video" thing; could it pose a future threat? Should i try to disable it?