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Thread: A Girl Not Mine

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    A Girl Not Mine

    Hello, world,
    is the statement most stated,
    my mind is of hurtle,
    not one to be negated

    of course it was me,
    of course she was there
    my problem my feelings
    my heart with despair

    her? o know.. she wasn't mine
    for my friend, who knew her
    knew her for time.

    This poem? Why so?
    Why must we care?
    My friends, my foes,
    Listen and share.

    Don't follow the one,
    that leads you to shame,
    my heart is of shun,
    of person to blame.

    Beautiful eyes,
    beautiful hair..
    as if time flies,
    as if it cares..

    Dont listen,
    Dont shout,
    Dont be blisten,
    Dont pout..

    It'll all be over
    when time comes to pass
    My heart dont shoulder,
    My friends do not last..

    Friends? Friends?
    Time.. it should come
    Pain doesn't mend!
    My face, see how glum?!

    Don't worry, we are true
    He is mistaken,
    Tomorrow is a day, with mending like glue,
    He has been forsaken.

    Jealousy? Why?
    Why hatred so pure..
    Black is night, Day is so light..
    Its not my fault, not one to be sure..

    For time has come for me to show,
    Why friends matter,
    Why friends blow.
    For some reason, my soul has been shattered.

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