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Thread: Waste of Time?

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    Waste of Time?

    Had this sent to me . Interesting -Yes, but is it unique?

    Obviously, someone has too much time on their hands.

    > > Check the date, day and Time!!!!
    > >
    > > http://www.suite101.com/files/mysite...lice/Clock.htm
    > >
    > > World's Neatest Clock?
    Computer says no
    (Carol Beer)

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    I believe credit goes to guy named Kurt Grigg.

    And, it would seem he has more time on his hands that we thought. LOL


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    i dont think it really a waste of time ....i mean if that guy Kurt has the spare time and loves to write code and design things ..... i think he has a great imagination and i sure will use some of his code when i design my website .... (of course giving credit to him) .... there are quiet beatifull effects to download for personal usage....

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