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Thread: personal fire wall

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    Red face personal fire wall

    hello all.......... recently i discovered irc/backdoor sdbot on my p/c.and was able 2 perform o/s re-install thanks 2 the help i received from previous replies,thanks again......anyways the question is what would be the best p.f.w. 2 avoid another intrusion... i have since installed sygate pfw as well as norton a/v 2002........ is this sufficient with regular updates or should i invest in a more substantial system????????? thanks 4 you time and assistance.......

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    IMO, i thinkk you're fine... i use sygate on my windows boot, and seems to work fine. I think sygate is a nice lil' set of code- you can set up protocol rules, although the syntax/capabilities are not so extensive- it does the trick
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    I use norton antivirus. on my laptop, however I also have a NAT Firewall in front of that.

    what is this altavista traversal? it seems that Somebody has successfully hit my norton with it. Norton blocked it but I don't know how it got past my NAT. any help is appreciated.
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