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Thread: Yet another hacking challenge site(bit more 3l337)

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    Yet another hacking challenge site(bit more 3l337)

    http://m4tr1x.wsn.at/ alright guys from what ive heard this one is a bit harder then hulla-balloo. Im just getting started on it today.

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    There is a level (fairly early on) where they seem to want you to run a win32 executable.

    I am of course not at all happy about doing so (ignoring the fact that I don't use Windows on my usual machine - although I could obviously run it on one of my other boxes), because I don't know what it's going to do.

    Are we supposed to reverse engineer a binary without running it at this early level?

    I have strings'd it without much success.

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    eheh nice i love this games but its kinda hard ... so i would appriciate if someone could post some tutor how an what it would help alot thx people keep it going
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    I like to add to this (heh I love these things) the site.
    http://www.bright-shadows.net/ (formally known as theblacksheep).
    They have over 70 ! challenges ranging from the simple javascript kinda ones to stegano, encryption, logic etc.
    You will have to register to enter the challenges and they to offer some executables to crack but you can choose for your self what challenge you wish to take.
    I really like this one as it is one of the more advanced hacker challenges I have seen.

    For loads of challenge sites you can check the following thread:hacker challenges, wargames and telnet hosts.

    Happy playing !

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