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Thread: Sunday's call to arms

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    Sunday's call to arms

    As security professionals are any of you taking any extra precautions against the proposed defacing contest?


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    "6,000 Web sites in 6 hours on July 6?" = 666?! Im no security professional, but shouldnt the precautions be taken all the time? and I also herd this from a friend who saw this topic on techTV. I hope no one out there falls victome to this 6 hour "h4x0r 5pr33." Getting "pwned" would not be good. Good luck to all you who will have to deal with yet another worry in the security feild.
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    Well now it begins, I think today starts the whole 'game'. From the articles I've read on the subject, security specialists say that 'challenges' like this are made all the time and that they aren't to worried about this threat. That may be true but I hope that they aren't too overconfident in their system, as I recall someone once saying...

    "A false sense of security is the greatest security risk of all."

    And how about all the media hype? If stuff like this happens all the time then the media must be really bored with thier 'stories,' escpecially CNN.

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    Sunday come and go

    Hey all,

    Here's a first article on the subject, after the fact:


    It looks like they mainly went after smaller sites instead of the big ones.

    And here is CNN's take on things:


    It started off with around 300 sites minutes after the start, but no big names were hit.


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    Some "hacker contest"

    By late yesterday afternoon, hackers claimed responsibility for vandalizing hundreds of mostly obscure Web sites, such as ones for Security Title Co. and the Heart of Montana Realty Services, both of Bozeman, Mont.
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