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Thread: The passing of an old friend...

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    The passing of an old friend...

    Sad news presented itself on my monitor today. My old friend Vmyths appears to be heading for the world wide boneyard as economics and miltary deployment take their toll on the site's founder, Rob Rosenberger. For those of you unfamilier with the site, it is the home of an excellent collection of articles on FAKE virii....those hoax emails that get the computer-illiterate folks of the world to delete system files and perform other equally idiotic procedures.

    Goodbye old friend.....keep your head low and keep yourself safe!
    It isn't paranoia when you KNOW they're out to get you...

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    A pretty interesting site i have to say . Tony Bradley is quoted on it ,and given some advice (half way down) http://www.vmyths.com/rant.cfm?id=605&page=4
    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
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