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Thread: what will I do with junks?

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    what will I do with junks?

    hi, I recently got an old p2 and was wondering how i'll be able to use it as a router. What do i need? Could I just put like 3 10/100 ethernet cards on that box? or it's better if i just put a pci router card? Should I just use a newer computer than p2 as a router?

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    Im thinking a p2 would be a great router! I know people who are using old 3/4-86's for the same taskes. Theres probibly lots of ways you could do it, You can get single disk linux distro that was made for just routers found here ( http://freshmeat.net/search/?q=linux...ction=projects ) Or you could try the full install of any linux distro and try it that way. The full install would probibly be the best bet, because you could have more controll over your system. Try not to forget that you might learn a thing or two along the way. Theres a couple of tuts in the tuts sections, I was looking over one last night. Try google for more info on this topic. From what I've come to understand is that linux as a router works, and works well I might add. I'm no linux guru by any means, but I hope this was still helpfull somewhat. Have fun with it.
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