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    console gaming

    i want some information abut what console gamming is i had heard lot abut it but dnt know what exactly it is .........

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    LOL basicly.... console gaming is playing video games on something other then a pc

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    Refer to thesecessions post..

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    Yeah hence the name "Console".

    The best is XBOX ofcourse...What do u think?
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    Now come on guys.. There's no need to laugh at him. The question should prolly be under GCC, but other than that it's a completely legit question. Especially considering under *nix you have a console and I guess technically in windows your command prompt is a console... Hell even cisco has a console port. We know what the term means, but that's no reason to laugh. Terms get recycled in computers and technology in general and from time to time can confuse people... I could talk about console gaming and be refering to the BSD Games package, or a curses based game in *nix.
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    We're not laughing at him... we're laughing with him! LOL... do a google search and your question will be answered right away.... and if you want to try something cool with your computer... look into emulators and ROMs.... lots of fun. Some of you know what I'm talking about.

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    If you are looking for any forums on console gaming, be sure to check out for any other information you would like to find.
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