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    If your friend had you visit a site that looked funny example: http://123.45.678.910.com then you probably ended up getting scanned by his computer... however if you did want to get even you could just copy down that number because its his I.P. also.. I'm guessing he used something like Visual Route to find out where you are... theres something like Visual Route under the Tools and Toys section of this site... however it doesnt give nearly as many details as visual route.
    you might want to try using a I.P. spoofer or Firewall from now on when you talk online
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    hey...................there are alof of software that can hack yr MSN log file..........if the guy knows yr ip address..........................but if u only use MSN version 6.0................if u want to know more u can sent mail to me "myolwin2002@yahoo.com"

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    Hey Guys wud someone tell me how would i know which port is used by MSN Messenger and by Yahoo and AOL messengers? So i'm a rookie, I just wana know if these ports are always the same whenever we start a messenger or do they also change like a DHCP'ed IP Addresses. (Why do i get the feeling that this is a very stupid qs?)

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