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    Spinrite is good. There are other benchmarking programs as well. I have used these extensively in my overclocking/tweaking moods. SiSoftSandra, WinBench. PC Mark. There are hundreds of them. Some give baseline comparisons, like "Here is a typical 500mhz laptop" and "Here is where yours stands" They measure performance and throughput on all major systems in our computers and they are fun to see results of systems and bios changes.

    If your interested do a google on those names.

    There are also many burn-in tools if your are worried about reliability, these tools can run your systems through major test for days on end if you want them too, and then they will report errors in memory, disk and cpu I/O. I used to use PC Check, now I have my systems built out of shop.
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    It does alot more, but try SiSoft's Sandra, as I remember it had pretty detailed information in it:


    You should be able to download a nearly fully functional demo.

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