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Thread: Internet On Linux

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    Internet On Linux

    Hello, I am back after a long while.
    I have linux7 installed on the system, and i have a cable internet connection with the LAN card, at present i am running the net on Win 98, but i wana run it on Linux. Please help me by guiding how to go about it.

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    I'm not sure what you mean by linux7, though i assume you mean 7.x of some distribution like Redhat or Mandrake. Following the premise that most cable modems and dsl modem/routers use DHCP to assign IP's to computers connecting to them, you need to connect the cable modem to the linux computer via cat5, then configure the network card to automatically get its IP from a DHCP server. This is a little on the overly-basic side, but if you can provide us with the distribution and version of linux your are running I'm sure someone can come up with a more specific guide on how to setup the cable modem with the computer.
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    i have a LAN card that is configured to the Win98, the cable internet operator has provided me with an IP address. Oh! yes, i have Linux 7.x Redhat.
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    well if you know your ip address...

    just type netconfig

    and follow the steps.. it should work!

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