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Thread: File Swappers to RIAA: Download This!

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    File Swappers to RIAA: Download This!

    The Recording Industry Association of America's announcement on June 25 that it will start tracking down and suing users of file-sharing programs has yet to spook people, say developers of these applications.
    Full Story : http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn...l?nav=hptoc_tn

    People are just outraged at the actions of the recording industry.....

    I've got people saying they want to organize groups to boycott buying CDs now."
    i dont really think p2p is BAD ....i think everyone of us has used it to download one song or another ....but if you really like the artist you will support him by buying his/her CD ..... what happens if everyone stops buying CD's ....i dont think there will be anymore music coming out ... artists won't make music if they dont get money for it .... i mean making music/singing is a job too ..... gotta have talent for it .....

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    wouldn't you but the cd if the artist had them published themselves...for what its worth

    or download cds directly...for what their worth

    bands could arrange their own concerts. it dosn't take a recording ind to do that and they'd be affordable for everyone

    musicians play music because its in their souls...and nobody deserves to get THAT rich. especialy the music industry. its a 20 century relic. i say kill it
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    hmm you make some good points there ...but for now i will support the artist i like .... we will see what changes and how the music industry developes .....

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    P2P has the big advantage of letting you listen to CDs before you spend the money to buy them. More and more stores make it close to impossible to listen to a CD before you buy it and if you do buy it, they won't accept a return, because they figure that you already made a copy of it.

    The thing that irks me is that, with production costs coming down, CD prices are still going up. And if you look at the price difference for example between France/Netherlands/Europe and Switzerland, you are not going to tell me that it's $5-10 cheaper to "produce" a CD in Switzerland, especially when it's the same CD.

    Ok, there is a 10% (VAT) tax difference, but on $15, that would explain a $1.50 price difference.

    I still buy CDs when I like them for a few reasons:

    1. I have a store close-by that lets me listen to CDs before I buy them
    2. I buy in Switzerland, so prices are reasonable compared to the rest of Europe
    3. The store I go to has good prices, even for Switzerland
    4. I do think artists need to be able to sell their music if we like it

    However, I would appreciate someone finally taking on the damn entertainment industry to tackle monopolistic pricing and anti-competitive behaviour like DVD zones. Why shouldn't I be allowed to buy a DVD while travelling in the US to take back to Europe?

    (Fortunately again, in Switzerland, when you buy a DVD player, it's either de-zoned, or you get a 1-page explanation on de-zoning it )


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    Eh, It'll just force musicians to work harder for their money.. IE more touring and more live shows. Hrmm, 40 bucks a ticket, 10,000 tickets, 40 cities a year. You do the math.

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    Post RIAA

    P2P has the big advantage of letting you listen to CDs before you spend the money to buy them
    Agreed ! - - What type of person goes to a music store and buy a CD just because someone told you that it is good. I believe most people would want to do they're homework before buying a CD. P2P come's in very handy when wanting to do this.

    Also, if we did'nt have P2P then the whole MP3 player would be useless to most people. Because most people depend on the resorces of P2P to upload they're MP3 player.
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    what prevents you from burning a CD when you download all the song froma Album ....

    Also, if we did'nt have P2P then the whole MP3 player would be useless to most people. Because most people depend on the resorces of P2P to upload they're MP3 player.
    you also could extract the songs to your computer and then upload the songs to the mp3 player... so many possibilities to copy a cd or just download the songs ..... i dont think anybody can stop people from sharing mp3s and other files via p2p ..... i personally have nothing against p2p.....

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    I've been listening to this P2P debate for almost as long as it has been going on......

    [rant]Songwriters DESERVE to get paid for their efforts.....I have to say that up front. I have no problem with that....creativity deserves to be rewarded.


    I grew up in the age of vinyl records...8 to 12 songs on a big black piece of plastic that cost ten bucks AFTER taxes at the most. If I recall correctly, one MASTER disc of stainless steel was "cut" (engraved) and then the actual "press" disks were made from the master. The pressing disks wore out rather easily so the manufacturing process was quite expensive. When the CD came along (at $12.99 IF you were lucky) it was marketed as "music that will last forever" (tell that to anyone who has small children and CD's in the same house) and that as technology improved, manufacturing costs would drop and CD's would become less expensive than albums (vinyl). To add a little extra perspective, during this period of time I was able to buy floor tickets (5th row) to see the Rolling Stones for $18.50.

    Fast forward to the present day....the price of CD's has "fallen" to 14 to 16 bucks (even if you count inflation it still ain't a "price drop", especially since I can buy blanks for about 15 cents each) and those 5th row seats to see the Stones (this tour sponsered by Geritol and Depends) cost in excess of $200. Ask why ticket prices are so high and you'll hear that they went up as stage productions got more elaborate and costs increased. Dig a little deeper and you'll find out that the majority of the band's income is from CONCERTS, not sales of their CD's. The CD royalties are diverted to cover the costs associated with making the latest CD. Who collects those costs? The RIAA....thats who. Unless you are a PROLIFIC songwriter in the same league as Bruce Springsteen or Dolly Parton (both with well over 1000 published works under each of their belts) then basically you aren't going to see JACK-S**T for your efforts....there are recording artists who DIE every day STILL indebted to the "almighty" RIAA. The RIAA, on the other hand, has it's grubby little paws in my pockets, your pockets, Bruce and Dolly's pockets and is now trying to get legislation passed to make sure they get to keep them there. If that doesn't work then they will show their true facist faces by hacking out systems, bombarding us with lawyers and confiscating our hard drives.

    So listen up Hillary, Adolph, or whomever controls the RIAA now. When you come to my house you better pack your lunch and bring a SWAT team....it's gonna be a loooong day cause this old redneck ain't going down without a fight. [/rant]

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    ok so if i understand they are gona just charg people for downloading mp3 what about movies ... like [TMD] production etc ? ? ? and maybe sweeping some programs but ye am downloading like movies an stuff but not sharing
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    p2p is just a larger source of music that mp3.com can offer....and yes i know that most of the artist that have there music "swapped" across the planet have not given permission to as they have on mp3.com....

    but why does it seem that the artists who complain seem to be big stars who dont need the money anyway...aka madona, metallica and so on...

    unheard of bands or bands who are working hard to be heard wouldnt mind how much exposure they received even if in the short term they received no financial gain

    music doesnt belong to those who play it

    in ending i would like to say that we should support the bands which we love by buying there music and going to see them live...a live gig is worth 100 gig of mp3s

    yours in cyberspace and beyond

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