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Thread: wireless network help

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    wireless network help

    Ok here's the problem.

    Im working on a problem at a school computer lab. The school is involved ina program using a laptop computer lab. what they want is a wreless network, connected ot the internet and all 32 laptops able to connect to the net, and to the printer at the same time. 11 of the machiens are using win xp the rest varry using 2000 and 98. all of the 2000s and 98s work fine but the xps wont. they have internall wireless cards and when you go into wireless network config it shows the wireless signal as strong nearly perfect. but no interet or connection to printer or other computers. if you use cable to connect to the wireless router (it has 2 rj45 porst also) they will connect to the interneat and to the other computer. We installed the latest drivers, we tryed rolling back drivers, but no luck.

    what could be wrong?
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    I'm thinking this is for the AAL (or something) project ...

    Now as I don't know the make of the portables with the winxp I can only give you the following link ..which is not much but might help you a littlebit.

    Wireless and winxp

    Maybe if you can give some more details as to which make of laptop and or wireless card we can give you some more tips.

    Hope it helps

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    XTC46 in my experience with some network cards I have used, I couldn't get winXP to be compartible with win98 and win2k across my network.

    Now in your case am not sure if the laptops have all the same network cards but I haven't had a problem when two machines with one running win98 and the other running win2k with different cards giving me any problems. However, I have had that problem with winXP and any of the other two while trying to set up a network.

    What you could do since you already know that all the win2k and win98 work together is to try the network with just winXP laptops and see if that works, then you will know whether or not you need a fix between winXP and any other OS.

    I hope that helps.
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