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    I am not the admin, i am working with him trying to get a device setup on his network but he didnt know what IPs were available to use.
    The network isnt too big, so the suggestions that have been made should do the trick.

    ps Ive heard that the windows version of nmap aint that great...

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    ya, I've tried using NmapWin and I personally think it sucks....especially compared to other scanners made just for windows. If you're using something like Linux though, Nmap rules.

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    NmapWin isn't that bad.

    It does actually work. Sometimes it seems to pause for a long time for no reason, but I think that's Windows' resolver library, not really nmap's fault.

    It will be completely adequate for ping-scanning your network to determine which IPs are being used.

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    Just a side thought if you are pinging all the machines... I don't know if I missed someone saying this or not but you have to make sure ALL the machiens are on for you to get an accurate picture of what IPs are in use... seeing as they are setup statically. Because if the machine is off it won't respond, but it will still have an IP setup to it.

    Just a thought...
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    - Scans like Nmap is a bit of a brut force solution.
    - It depends of the network size and management but maybe u could get the info by getting ARP tables of few key devices (routers, switch, ...).
    ARP cache is oftently timout in 20 mns, but SMTP activities should maintain up-to-date all arp tables.
    You copy the data in an excell sheet one day and again 2 hours and it should give you quite an accurate vission of IP being is use.

    Anyway every single networking device and even PCs can detect IP@ duplication. They should alert u quiet quickly if an error occured.
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