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Thread: **Moved thread from Antionline: How do I? to General Chit Chat**

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    **Moved thread from Antionline: How do I? to General Chit Chat**

    Isn't it about time that the "how do I" forum was renamed to
    something like "About Antionline" or whatever?

    With its present name, people are going to persist in asking
    general questions about everything but Antionline.
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    I could'nt agree more, happend to me once.

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    I agree, it is a forum that was introduced in my absence and I havent even looked in yet. One thing I have noticed is a rise in threads moved into General Chit Chat by MsMittens which didnt happen before and it is always ( well mostly ) from the How do I? forum.

    It does not bother me as such but I am sure that MsMittens must get annoyed moving all those threads about.


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    Good points. Even though the forum is located under the "AntiOnline Site Related" group, it may not be that obvious while reading the forum unless you happen to look at the link path near the top of the page (or look at how the forums are arranged under the Forum Jump combo box).

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