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Thread: Study: Wi-Fi users still don't encrypt

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    Study: Wi-Fi users still don't encrypt

    Study: Wi-Fi users still don't encrypt

    By Kevin Poulsen, SecurityFocus Jul 3 2003 2:50PM
    Think you've heard more than enough about war driving and Wi-Fi insecurity? Two days of electronic eavesdropping at the 802.11 Planet Expo in Boston last week sniffed out more evidence that most Wi-Fi users still aren't getting the message -- or are comfortable broadcasting their e-mail into the ether.

    are people too lazy? what's yer take on it?
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    That's just plain insane to me. Is either they are not aware or they just don't care about privacy. To me how lazy can you be when it comes to your privacy? You have to be real lazy for you not to want to protect yourself.

    I think it's either an education problem or they just straight up don't care. That would be great to research however.

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    I have been looking into this subject for awhile now. Here is what I have found both from direct experience and research.

    1. Most low end wireless network vendors do not have WEP enabled as a default.
    a. Believe it or not but the Mircosoft wireless products do have WEP enabled as default.

    2. When the price of wireless hardware dropped significantly, home users bought the stuff in droves. I have seen a significant increase in wireless activity in my area and most of the time, the networks that are not WEP enable, are from vendors that don't make this a default.

    Perhaps the problem is basic human nature. We know it does not take much to enable WEP but since it creates another few steps in the install process, (or after install) perhaps people just don't set ip up becuase they are lazy. Perhaps it is from a lack of education and experience on networks that cause these users to leave WEP disabled. I know the documentation for these devices discusses WEP and how to set it up.

    Just my two cents.

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