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Thread: Calling via Internet has suddenly arrived

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    Calling via Internet has suddenly arrived

    Mark Jaffe of St. Louis recently threw caution to the wind and ditched his trusty SBC Communications local phone service in favor of an offering from an Internet phone start-up called Vonage.
    Full Story : Here

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    That would be another 10/20 yrs before it hits South Afica,I CANT WAIT!!!

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    hahah nice, but if you really wanted it a few years ago try running rodger wilcoe or some other online mic chatting engine. heh, I think even msg IM has mic features.
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    they have had internet phones for quite some time now... that is some-what misleading of them to title the article as such... anyway- i think it's an awesome idea.. it's like a proxy for your phone. Instead of routing from here to there (via longdistance) we can proxy to the local area and the charges minimal... again, great idea... still hasn't picked up???
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    yea, the technology has been around for years, but never catches on. All the companies seem to go under before getting too big. Gee, i wonder who is shutting them down? Could it be the greedy phone companies that cant charge for long distance if this catches on??? naaaa, couldn't be
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    i think it is cathing on, my cable company (for internet) just put in all new lines and said that they would be offering phone services soon.

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