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Thread: Cisco Cable Router uBR924

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    Cisco Cable Router uBR924

    I recently purchased this cable modem/router to use for my home network. I have NO experience with network and I figured that this would be a good way for me to learn. I've looked on Cisco's website and downloaded all the instruction guides but I'm still lost. I really would like to get it online, configure LAN/WAN IP and some forwarders. If anybody could help me out I'd really appreciate it.


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    Uhhmm...have you plugged it in yet?
    Sorry, but I couldn't resist. I think you will find many people who can help you here but you will at least need to be more specific than "what do I do?"
    I glanced at it and it looks like a regular old router, you should be able to plug in the coax into the back, and connect an ethernet cable (cat5e, straight through) to your adapter on the back of your computer(s).
    What exactly have you tried and what has happened?

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    sorry for not being clear...

    i already connected my cable line to the router and i was able to hyperterminal into the console. Unfortunately i do not know any cisco commands and how to configure it.. this is waht i'm looking for help with.
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    when you first log in there should be some commands you can use. All or most consoles reply to "help" so try typing that in, that should spit out some commands you can use and maybe a line of what it does. Play around with those commands and see what happens. Also, go to google and look up ur brand of router and ur sure to find some pages and manuals on what ur router can do. You just gotta search around and see what kinda commands r out there. My best bet though is find a manual or a couple pages on google. What kinda router is it? Model #???

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    You definitely need to provide the model number, that can make a difference about how you go about configuring the router...

    Secondly, at the command prompt type '?'

    That should tell you any possible command. Also note, that it gives you any possibility AT THE TIME you typed that command...so for example, if you are at your main prompt and type ?
    you will get an enormous list of possible commands, but if you for example type 'interface fa0/1 ?' you will get commands that only apply to the interface fa0/1 and to the MODE that you are in.

    I am not a cisco guy, although I do know how to configure their equipment, so forgive me for the bad non-cisco compliant nomenclature, but, In cisco IOS there are two modes, the 'EXECUTE?' mode that allows you to issue commands like show, and the 'CONFIGURATION' mode that allows you to change the configuration of the router (at your console type 'conf t' to get to the configuration mode). I suspect that many of your problems so far revolve around not being in the configuration mode...

    Anyway, look at the two, put '?' when you want to see help, and you should be able to meander through the rest...

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    Heh, I just got my cisco broadband router up and running. I using dsl though...

    What is the make and model of your router? If you are using the 800 series... there is a crws (cisco router web setup) that you can config right from your browser. The CLI (command line interface) config for a cisco n00b is a bit much...

    Please provide more details on your make and model, and I'd be happy to help ya out.

    from hyperterm connect and set it to capture the activity.

    sh run

    it will show you your current settings.

    to find out if you have crws installed:

    sh flash:

    that will show you your current IOS image and other files stored in flash

    some of the broadband routers have the crws loaded in web flash

    sh webflash:

    if you see files listed there.. you have crws loaded.

    sh version

    will show you your IOS version and a bunch of other good stuff.

    Ah... after looking a bit more at your router... the Cisco uBR924 (didn't pick that up looking at your first post)
    http://www.cisco.com/univercd/cc/td/...b_modm/ubr924/ are the docs for your router.

    It doesn't look like you get the crws... which sux if your a n00b with cisco.. but check anyway.

    How does your cable access authenticate? Do you need to enter a UID and PWD?
    Or do they authenticate you by verifying the MAC on your modem?
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    A lot of unknows, like who is your provider, what IOS version, LAN, etc. to give you a ready to use answer.

    There are planty sample configuration files out there on the internet. Try to find one that is closest for your situation and just copy it in a text file. Change all the data that is specific for your situation (like DNS, interfaces, ip addresses, passwords). Make sure that you understand what all the commands are doing, if not look then up. Then copy past it in the Hyperterminal session, en the router will be configured. When finished and all is working make sure to use the write option to save this all to flash.

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    sorry that i haven't repsonded quick enough guys.. been rather busy!! i haven't had time to try and configure it.

    Geppy, I'm using Optimum Online for my ISP, I'm not quite sure of the IOS version but I will try to have it for you tonight. I have a Windows 2000 AD Domain, Exchange 2000 and about 5 clients.

    Thanks again for your help guys. This n00b really appreciates it.
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    Ok just to clarify some things with the ubr924. When you take this out of the box, it is already configured as a bridge. All you really need to do is plug the cable modem interface into your wall using a straight through cat 5 cable, then connect your Ethernet adapter interface on your PC to any one of the ports on the hub using a straight through cat 5 cable. In this scenario, the router is bridging layer 3 traffic, so all the layer 3 information (ip address, dns, etc..) will be provided by the CMTS.

    If you are looking at using the ubr924 as a router instead of a bridge, then all you need to do is turn bridging off and turn IP routing on. Here are the commands you would type:

    configure terminal
    interface e0
    no bridge-group 59
    no bridge-group 59 spanning-disabled
    ip add
    ip nat inside
    interface cable 0
    ip nat outside
    no bridge-group 59 spanning-disabled
    no bridge-group 59
    no cable-modem compliant bridge
    ip routing
    ip nat inside source list 1 interface cable-modem0 overload
    access-list 1 permit
    ip route cable-modem0

    Now depending on how you want to setup your LAN you can either configure DHCP on the router to assign ip addresses to your pc's, or setup static ip addresses. if you want DHCP to run on the router just add

    configure terminal
    ip dhcp pool 1
    dns-server A B
    domain-name C
    lease 10

    change "A" and "B" with the appropriate dns server information from your ISP. change "C" to fit your company domain.

    now last to add authentication to your router. add these commands

    configure terminal
    enable secret YOUR_PASSWORD
    line vty 0 4

    the enable command will restrict people that has direct connection to the router to connect into it. when you log into the router, and you type enable you will have to put that password. The line vty 0 4 is if you want to telnet to it this will be the password you put into it.

    that should just about cover it...ive never worked with a ubr router before, but they use IOS commands just like just about any other cisco router, the only difference is it has that cable modem card. it would be like buying a cisco 2600 and adding a cablemodem card into it.

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    I'm definitely gonna try that tonight...

    Thank you

    I will let you know

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