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Thread: if (c/c++ == JAVAscript) {EASY GOING}

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    if (c/c++ == JAVAscript) {EASY GOING}


    i learnt PASCAL in school, and for me it was jus tooo simple,so i went and studied C and C++( jus basics/intuduction) and found it to have the same basics as PASCAL ,so i learnt what i wanted to learn in C/C++(that was jus too do some cool **** for my mothers work),
    now i am starting with JAVAscripting and so far its kinda EXACTLY THE SAME AS C/C++, without all the private and public objects(so far anyways).

    SO now my question is this:
    *Why so many languages based on ONE?
    *So basically -> if u know one ,you know 'em all??

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    Why so many languages based on ONE?
    They all have different strengths and weaknesses, people wouldn't create new languages if there was no need to. Javascript is generally used for web stuff whereas C/C++ is not.

    So basically -> if u know one ,you know 'em all??
    If you understand the basic concepts of OOP then you've got a headstart in any languages that work with it. Getting a good grip on C++ will help you along no end in learning a language like Java and vv, as well as simpler languages like javascript.

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    there are some good books to be Programming Languaues By Robert Sbesta.....which will highlight these thing....

    the differences come from various facts the bindings used by thye types...OOPs or Procedural....the sub program and sequence control mechanisms used...these fact wont matter u alot...till now...but they are imp for considering the execution efficiency of the programs...
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