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Thread: In a gui situation

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    In a gui situation

    I have been a linux fan for several years, but when i first got into linux there where very little pictures (gui) and x-windows had still yet to be greatly improved. So I stood back and watched as linux grew into a more user-friendly OS and spent the next few years in the bore of windows.

    Now just about any distro of linux has a great gui and even auto-detects things windows cant.

    But now I find my self opening terminals more and more to get things done, like using mplayer or wget or even starting up applets like the control panel i find using the terminal a lot faster then hunting down the buttons.

    I guess my main question is this, is there anything aside from gui-only apps, that can not be done from the command line?
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    well if its not a gui only app(ie videogame) , then how else are you going to control it other than from the command line ? personally i find it more easier to click on mplayer icon than opening a term and typing mplayer ...... I am afraid you post is a little confusing or i am a little retarded today?
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    I agree with you. I haven't been using linux too long... just a couple of years.

    I started learning it via CLI and have been stuck ever since. I have customized my GUI so it is perfect for me... but even though I have all the buttons right where I need them... I still open the console to execute most of the programs I use.
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