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    Unhappy AOL Instant Message

    Need help from the experts in this web site.

    I have Windows 2000k. When I install AOL IM and try to login into AOL IM i get this error message.

    DDE Server Window: aim.exe Application Error

    ALso this other error message;

    AIM.exe Application error.

    I ran DDSSHARE on windows and check that Chat$ has all the permissions etc. I also ensure that the 2 Network DDE service are up and running.

    Does anyone has an idea on how to fix this problem?

    BTW, AOL IM was working fine.

    I have uninstall AOL IM and reinstall AOL IM several times and still no luck.

    Frustrated Frustrated!

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    You might wanna check your PC for viruses
    my coucin has a virus which i only saw yesterday
    everytime i fix some Programs...they get messed up again
    Get Norton Antivirus and Norton Utilities and use the Win Doctor on the utilities

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