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Thread: Why did you start working with computers

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    Why did you start working with computers

    I know why I did I did not see this anywhere around here.

    I started, I knew there was to a computer then ponting and clicking. I needed something to keep me from getting in trouble.
    Not to mention it gets the girls. LOL


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    girls..?? i aint seen a girl since im on a computer..lol... except CyberGirls .... i started working with computers because it fascinates me how hey work and what you can do with them and how you can extend the possibilities a computer can do ..... i think a computer is the most powerfull machine right now(if you know what you are doing with it ) ....

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    Heh....I started since I was like 8 years back in Germany
    Why?....Cause they good...Fast....Machines....They dont lie.....I trust them
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    I agree with memory. The only girls you see if your a computer geek is cyber girls.

    I guess I started working with computers when I was 12, (18 now). To me theres just so much to learn about them. Right now though I'm more internested in the networking area. I'm gonna start at Devry Univ. next fall majoring in Telecommunications. After I'm finished ther I'll be able to design and implement networks. Then I'll actually know as much as some people do here.

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    My pop once took me to his server/communications room when I was younger... well bout 12 or so...

    I liked all the flashing lights... like a bug attracted to a bug zapper...

    Ever since then I've been addicted to them.

    It started with the lights... then went to two simple questions... WHY? and HOW?
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    I agree with boath MemorY and cheyenne1212 on the girls/cyber girls topic. I have yet to find one of the elusive female geeks in real life, actually I'm not really sure if there real or not LOL!

    computers have always captured me, To imagine what happens from when I stroke a key to when it pops up on the sceen something I cant help but want to know. Theres so much to know about them, so many people making and working on so many things, from opensourse guys doing amazing things out there to linux,to the basics of hardware, to windows all these options with all these effects. So many things, The problem is trying to learn about everything theres so many times when I get side tracked from one topic to another. Thats the only down side about computer learning is making up your mind on the topic of the day.
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    I started when I was 6 (am 23 now) becouse I wanted to do more with my commodore 64 then play boulderdash, giana sisters and wonderboy..

    So I started playing with basic, got my dad to buy me some books and advanced to machinecode (when I was 8 or something)..

    I think I learned faster when I was just a kid..
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    advanced to machinecode (when I was 8 or something)..
    Jesus the_JinX, i was playing wrestling with my friends and watching cartoons when i was 8, i think...

    I started using computers when i had to for a tech support job i got 3.5 years ago.
    It started out with me having to sit in front of a pc all day, but then developed into a want to sit in front of a computer all day (well most of the day, damn g/f)

    Since then ive come along a fair bit, its fair to say.


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    I first had a computer when i was around 12 or so, unfortuantely my oldest brother hogged it most of the time. It was a Wang. He took that one to college, and i did'nt have another computer until i turned 19 (i'm now 21) so i'm playing big time catch-up here.

    <off topic>

    Did anyone see that episode of the simpsons where Ralphy wore the t-shirt that said "Wang-computers"? I could hardly believe it, i thought i was the only one on earth who had one.

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    i got my hands on a nice BASIC book and a decent compiler...

    from there it's all been down hill
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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