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    Just found this one...When you try and send a Private Message to someone, you can see next to the "Recipient" field, and option for "Find User Names".

    When this is clicked, you get the following message, "Sorry! The administrator has disabled the list of members."

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    this has been mentioned and discussed couple day ago in the GCC forum ....

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    Okay problem solved, member list / find user name error was part of that .php hole I found, they disabled it to work on that and make sure no one took advantage of the hole, it is back up and working now, no more problems; never was a bug.

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    ok just found out about this post now. it was posted July 8 or 7 cant remember but now its aug 6 and i cant view member list either so....?
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    Another problem with pms: I had messages , that I didnt yet read, and when I updated my profile and went to the inbox, they were gone?
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