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Thread: Voltage Security "Identity-Based" Encryption

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    Voltage Security "Identity-Based" Encryption

    Voltage Security has developed a new means of encrypting email communications that does not rely on the PKI (public-key infrastructure) commonly used in other encryption schemes. End-users, especially non-technical users, have difficulty understanding and successfully implementing PKI. Voltage Security's encryption technology promises to be much easier to set up and use.

    It encrypts using an algorithm based on the email address of the sender. To learn more about it check out the article here: Start-up To Unveil New Way of Encryption

    Or, visit the company's web site: Voltage Security

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    I can see only one major problem with their concept.
    Recipients would click on a link in the e-mail message, which would help them download software to both read and create messages for others
    There are alot of people who won't down load anything from the net. One woman I know won't even down load the critical updates from the 'Windows Update Site'. She is afraid of getting a virus.
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