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    blaming movies and computer games

    Here we go again blaming movies and computer games.Police said they had seized three computer hard drives from the homes of this three kids as they allegedly were about to launch a killing rampage. I'm no psychiatrist but ain't we responsable for own actions I was allways told you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.anyways here is the story
    I had to google 'jfgi' to see what it meant. The irony is overwhelming.

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    ok maybe those psycho kids were acting out a game and maybe games do affect some brainless people like those 3 if you play them every days for 9 hours straight ..... i play UT ( Unreal Tournament) and UT 2003 every day for at least and hour or so but doesnt affect me and won't .... maybe games do affect some part of your brain and you dont know whats reallity anymore if you play a game long and dont go out .... but those people are just plain stupid or have 2 braincells and even they dont know what they are doin ....

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    I think that some people might take this subject a little bit to the extreme. YOu'll get some people reading about this then saying "We need to destroy all games with violance." I play Delta Force , The matrix, Unreal, and Ghost Recon, but do I try to act out the game and do something like those mindless boys did. I think that it is the parents responsibility to control their kids. If the parent suspects that their kids are starting to act crazy after playing violent games then have them quit and watch them closely.

    Just because those kids were gonna try something doesn't mean that everybody who plays a violent video game is gonna do the same thing.

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    While there is a link between games and some, (few) people's ability to distinguish reality from fantasy, it is a stretch to blame all gaming for such erratic behavoir.

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    games, movies, music, it doesn't matter what it is... if it's not the game, it's the music, not the music, it's the media... crazy people are always going to go crazy... believe me, it's not the movies /games/music that makes these kids want to kill... that's just where they get the ideas on how to do it.
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    I adore CS and it doesn't make me GO GO GO feel any differnt at all infact i like to TAKING FIRE NEED BACKUP think I am quite a stable person who ENEMY DOWN has no real problems caused by FIRE IN THE HOLD over playing of CS


    edit -> OMG didn't realise was that drunk till saw that post >_<

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    Interactive computer games have been found to improve your hand/eye coordination. Also your conceptual view of what is going on around you.
    Some people will blame, or try to, anything for their poor behaveure, except them selfs. TV made me do it. (sub. alcohol, computer game, religion, being abused,or gore for TV)
    I know some people who won't take responsibility for anything they do....it is always someone elses fault.
    And of course there are those who will blame anything they don't like as being the worst thing in the world for anybody else.
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    People who blame computer games, media, movies, music, blah, blah, blah for their own actions or for someone else's, are just plain lazy and retarded. There is no way in hell you can say that UT made someone go out on a shooting rampage. Saying that it influenced him is pure bs. He was just attracted to whatever was there, if it wasn't UT or CS, he would be outside hunting. This argument is on the same level as people suing McDonald's for making them fat. You eat like a pig and look like one now, I don't see your complaint. Have we just degraded so much as a society that we have begun to accept that our actions must not have consequences? Seriously, think about this, if a school shooting happened in the 1800's, the kid would be burned, hanged, and f**king crucified, and I guarntee you, it would never happen again. Maybe that is what we need, a good old electricution of a 16 year old kid who doesn't understand that his actions have consequences, then publicize that all over the news, (which they would anyway) and I would be willing to bet that after seeing someone cook in a chair, no one would even think of bringing a gun to school for the next twenty years. Maybe that is a bit extreme though, because after all, *cough* after playing CounterStrike, he was physically/mentally/spiritually forced without any action or thought on his part, to go to school and shoot up his friends.

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    Originally posted here by The3ntropy
    This argument is on the same level as people suing McDonald's for making them fat. You eat like a pig and look like one now
    A lot of people seem to be using this analogy lately...

    Seriously, think about this, if a school shooting happened in the 1800's, the kid would be burned, hanged, and f**king crucified, and I guarntee you, it would never happen again.
    That would work really well, we need to enforce capital punishment laws more, or like "an eye for an eye". If they killed someone, they should die, not just get 25 years in prison or something.
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    I think it is kind of foolish to be blaming recent violence all on video games and movies. Although what has been going on lately in schools all over the country is very disturbing because it is uncertain as to what is causing all of these problems. I think that the gaming/movie industry is an easy place to point the finger for some people, but what really is causing the violence?
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