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Thread: Personal Opinion on Win 2003 Server

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    Talking Personal Opinion on Win 2003 Server

    Well i would like to express my opinion on win 2003 compared with other Win OS's , to be more expesific Win Xp Pro.

    Win 2003 Server when installing and it ask you for a Administrator password if you type a all-lowercase password it pops up a warning that says that the passwords should have numbers uppercase and lowercase letters etc. Something that XP doesn't do.

    When I installed Win Xp the first time i scanned my computer with LanGuard with out any updates or anything and i could see all the services that were running and had many open ports, and also had the administrative shares enabled and i couldn't disable them , i had to shut down the Server service . It had remote registry editing enabled, you could see all the user names, etc.
    Yesterday i installed Win 2003 Server and i did the same thing that i do with every os that i installed for the first time scan it, and what was my suprise it only had 3 open ports
    135 [ epmap => DCE endpoint resolution ]
    445 [ Microsoft-Ds ]
    389 [ LDAP => Light Directory Access Protocol ]
    it was easy to disable the Administrative shares
    What i didn't like is that it doesn't have pinball and Solitari

    I finally found a Windows that i like, but i would'n change Slackware for anything

    I would like some feed back of other users that use win 2003 server and have other comments that they would like to add.

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    Pinball: http://www.uni-mainz.de/~rathb000/Pinball/Game.html
    Solitari: http://www.ciunga.it/games/jsolitaire/

    My opinion on Windows 2003 Server, is that Windows will always be Windows (Windows are easyer to break), and not a door(Linux) that has a better firewall . (Which is harder to break down.)

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