i was having a bit of trouble using a wireless USB device with red hat linux 9 on my machine, i haven't tried a lot of things yet but i was hoping someone may have had experience on this and could help me. so anyway i have a linksys wireless router and a linksys wireless USB device that will allow me to connect to a network and thus allow me to connect to the internet on that machine, so i guess the first relavent question i should ask is, does red hat linux support USB? i was assuming it did, so i pluged it in, nothing happened, so i went online to the linksys website, and they apparently dont' have any linux drivers for that device, so im at a loss, should i just give up on the idea? or is there some generic driver that might work, or do i need to get a specific patch for linux? any help is appreciated as usual..

its a linksys 802.11b wireless device
the model # is WUSB11 ver. 2.6
with is linksys 802.11b router befw11s4 ver. 2