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Thread: -=www.hulla-balloo.com/hack Tutorial 2-12

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    -=www.hulla-balloo.com/hack Tutorial 2-12

    i dont get why you people are so uptight... if someone didnt want help they wouldnt have to look at my tutorial...... i dont understand... im not forcing anyone to read it or anything... just "helping" people a little tiny bit... and it was poorly written so it wouldnt give away answers...i just dont think its right that you people flame me for it and neg the **** out of me. everyone on this forum really needs to relax and take a step back... you know not everyone is an exelent top of the line security expert but obviously those are the only people alowed in here.

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    I tried to post something like this last night and it didn't work out too well... I'd pull this before you start getting some heat like I did. I understand where you are coming from, but some people see this site as a challenge, and we should not be walking people through it. Just my two cents.
    Good job on it though.
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    Man another one??? Sheesh...

    The sad part is Algaen's was better written. Infact parts of yours look like you just stole what he wrote and changed it slightly. As Algaen also said, the website is a challenge, helping people out removes that challenge.
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    As enjoyable as this site is, we need to get away from it...... you need to try making posts about something else....

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    i personally think that it takes all the fun out of it if you tell people how to do it but thats you. i just think it's more satisfying when you unlock somthing on your own but thats just me and my opinion do whatever you damn well please but at least put the word "SPOILER" at the top
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    guys, i hate to tell you this, but HTS (hack this site) is not the end all, be all of network security. secession, if you want to prove yourself on this forum, post about other things... this will prove that you earned your status, and aren't just riding a wave of happy ap's in.
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    Check this out here
    You wanna prove some skills go here. Learn some java, fiddle around with some php, a little crypto, some steganography, and while your at it try your logic.

    After you learn something, put it in a tut. But very importantly please include a fix for the vulnerability, whatever it may be.
    For a good idea of how a tut should proably be. Please read this
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    I think everyone who has a problem with any type of tutorials needs to get over themselves. The site is meant to challenge and educate while providing a level of fun too. A tutorial is a great tool to have for reference and learning as well. I dont know how many times I needed to check the back of the book for answers to see that I was doing it right/wrong or to reverse engineer it and learn/understand why. Are you nay-sayers trying to tell me that you never checked the answers in any class or puzzle that you were having trouble with and that it never assisted you in your learning? If you answer No then you are either a genius (which most of us are not) or a liar.

    There will also be those who argue that people just want the answers, if thats the case so be it. They have their own motives for not wanting to learn, so ignorance is their chosen path. No skin off yours or my back, who cares and shut up.

    Not to mention this is for noobs, meaning they need to start somewhere!
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    What twists my mind is why THIS site, HTS, has gotten so much attention on the forums. I mean, there have been dozens of other sites like this one posted, some better, some worse, and not one of them has drawn this kind of attention.

    Don't get me wrong. It's fun, especially when you figure something new out (I learned how to use Telnet. Yay me. ~noob has pride in meager accomplishment~), but what makes this one so special that it's drawn SO MUCH attention?
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