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    Recom me the economic system...

    Hi all, I want to buy a new systems, but I dont know what systems should I buy since too many types of systems in the market....

    Can anybody suggest me what systems should I get.... within $1000, not includes the monitor, mouse, and keyboard........

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    I'm liking my new VPR Matrix

    this really should have gone in GCC though as it has nothing to do with security........

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    Yep shoudl of been in General CHit Chat.

    Are you wanting a laptop, or desktop.?

    If you want a laptop I like Sony, dell, and IBM.

    If you want a Desktop you can go with HP, Emachines, or dell.

    I don't know if they have walmarts where you live but the walmart where I live has a HP desktop for $800. Thers also a $300 rebate with that. They also have HP notebooks, but I haven't checked the prices.

    Or you could be
    "The Few, The Proud, The Custom PC builder"

    You can always build a decent computer for under $1000.

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    cheyenne1212, I mean is what HHD, CPU, G.card, RAM, and Motherboard should I buy.....
    Because I want to assemble my PC by myself.....

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    Why not check out a site more geared towards that? You can get tons of reviews that are already written and it is more their expertise. I'm not saying that people here don't know about hardware or what to buy... you'll prolly just get better reviews/suggestions at a more proper site.

    Like... for instance... http://www.pcworld.com/ has a section called "Product Guides"

    Clear, straightforward advice on how to choose the best products and get the best price

    • Desktops
    • Digital Cameras
    • PDAs
    • MP3 Players
    • Notebooks
    • Printers
    • Scanners
    • Monitors
    • CD-RW
    • Wireless Phones
    • Home Networking
    • Graphic Boards
    • Hard Drives
    • Camcorders
    There are plenty more out there... a simple google search will yeild you tons of results.

    Oh... if you are planning on building your own... I have found www.pricewatch.com to be a great site for finding what you want for cheap.

    What you build depends on what you are going to use it for. Like... if you are going to play tons of games... you will want to look into something more geared towards that... or if you are going to build a server you don't need the high end video card... etc. If you're building a linux box... pick a distro and look at supported hardware... yada yada yada.
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